Youthful Dining

Our clients found the lighting fixture too traditional for their liking and required a spacious table to comfortably seat eight guests. Furthermore, they needed a wine storage solution capable of accommodating 100 or more bottles. Along the long wall opposite the staircase, the challenge was to create concealed storage that could house their extensive collection of fine china.

Location: Dallas, TX

Designer Credits: Breann Bohne

Project Overview:

We replaced the existing traditional chandelier with a sleek, modern linear fixture. To accommodate eight guests comfortably, we introduced a spacious dining table featuring a combination of two distinctive chair styles. Along the expansive wall opposite the staircase, we seamlessly connected two medium-sized sideboards, offering ample storage space for the clients’ prized fine china collection.

To anchor the space, we incorporated two oversized table lamps and striking wall art. Additionally, we installed a wall-mounted wine rack capable of housing 150 bottles, accommodating both their current collection and any future additions. To add a finishing touch, we framed the room’s windows with two stationary drapery panels.

A great place to dine or entertain and play games.

Youthful Dining