Winning Living Room

Lisa Porter and her interior design firm were awarded 1st Place in the 2024 Annual Dream Room competition.

3rd Place
First Time Entry

Location: Dallas, TX

Designer Credits: Michele Simpson

Project Overview:

One of the challenges encountered during the design phase of this room was the client’s specific request for ample seating to accommodate socializing adults while ensuring the overall coherence and cohesion of the various spaces.

The resolution to this challenge involved devising distinct yet interconnected quadrants, each with its own defining characteristics. This approach successfully maintained an open and inviting atmosphere while addressing the client’s requirement for cohesive spaces.

The space was elegantly unified by a spacious cream sectional, seamlessly blending modern farmhouse aesthetics with a neutral palette and strategic pops of color. The division into four distinct quadrants not only fulfilled the client’s vision but also added a compelling and impactful dimension to the overall design.

Winning Living Room