Striking Dining Room

Our design client required a transformation for the existing sunroom, an addition made to the home several years ago. The challenge was to make it seamlessly integrate with the overall feel of the house, as it currently appeared disconnected and almost like an afterthought. Compounding the issue, the unsightly backside of the living room fireplace was visible within this space, detracting from its aesthetics.

Location: Dallas, TX

Designer Credits: Breann Bohne

Project Overview:

We eliminated the dividing walls and windows that separated the living room from the sunroom. The fireplace received a stylish makeover with Venetian plaster, now serving as a double-sided centerpiece. We extended the new laminate flooring throughout the combined space and replaced the exterior windows with a set of French doors and two expansive picture windows. In the newly unified dining area, we created a focal point with a captivating chandelier, a chic Nina Magon table, and a set of six striking black and gold chairs.

Striking Dining Room