Simpler Lines

Our client purchased a new townhome that came with all the furniture from the previous owner. She disliked how dark and heavy the furniture felt and wanted to evoke a lighter, brighter feeling with hints of a beach inspired color pallet while incorporating the client’s pre-existing art collection. The most interesting thing about this room is that it’s a trapezoid so it was a challenging space to design.

Location: Dallas TX

Designer Credits: Lisa Bibawi

Project Overview:

We began by lightening the space up with paint and lighter engineered wood floors throughout. This lighter space gave us a great foundation for the relaxing feel the client wanted. To address the irregular room shape, we use a layered rug approach. We perched a new relaxing cushy sectional with a chaise to allow for optimal visibility and flow in the space. The natural tone wood coffee table grounded the family room space. The swivel chair allows for enjoying the beautiful city views as well as conversing within the space. We utilized the existing ripple fold hardware and installed new blue/gray custom ripple fold draperies. Accent furniture, art and accessories finish off the soft transitional look with beach inspired colors featuring the client’s unique art.

Simpler Lines