A Room for Wine Enthusiasts

Lisa Porter and her interior design firm were awarded 1st Place in the 2024 Annual Dream Room competition.

1st Place Winner

Location: Dallas, TX

Designer Credits: Kayla Anderson

Project Overview:

This wine room was a very tight space and felt cluttered. Our client wanted new furniture that fit the style and vibe of a typical wine room. The room also lacked storage for their wine bottles and was causing clutter. The client ultimately wanted it to feel like a true wine room where people can come in and have a glass of wine and conversation.

To make the space feel more open, the solid door was replaced with an iron door with an unique pattern fit for a wine room but which simultaneously opened up the space. A custom wine bar was designed and built-in with LED lighting to display the wine bottles and eliminate clutter. To bring in the feel and mood of a wine room, accents of black, gold, metal, and leather were important to incorporate. Tying it all together is unique wallpaper and artwork that created natural conversation.


A Room for Wine Enthusiasts