New Color Ideas for 2023

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SHERWIN-WILLIAMS Color Palettes for 2023

Are you thinking about a new look for the new year for any of your rooms? If so, we have some new color ideas for you to consider. Sherwin-Williams introduced four new color palettes for 2023 at October’s High Point, N.C. home furnishings market. Keep reading to see how Sherwin-Williams combines 40 different colors into these palettes.

There is increasing emphasis on how interior decorating affects mental health and color plays an important role in that. Color moves us. Color can set a mood, and create a conversation. The website puts it this way: “It can excite or soothe your mood, raise or lower your blood pressure, and even whet your appetite! Whether it’s innate or learned, it’s undeniable that color has a vital impact on how we go about our lives.”

The 2023 color palettes are intended to emphasize “what is ours, who we are,” said Sue Wadden, Sherwin-Williams director of color marketing [LINK:]. “The four new palettes remind us of the connection to the earth beneath our feet, the enduring beauty of ancient practices, the warmth of true compassion, the daily joys that make our world so wonderful.


The first palette introduced is called Biome — described as helping us “seek perfect balance with the existing, ever-changing ecosystem.” We can “preserve peace in an atmosphere of delicate mushroom taupe, lichen gray, rich earth tones, and the colors of our sky’s cloud canopy.”


The Sherwin-Williams color palette Biome is described as helping us seek perfect balance with the existing, ever-changing ecosystem with colors from Sherwin-Williams.


Biome’s colors are: Urbane Bronze, Shiitake, Threshold Taupe, Antler Velvet, Redwood Medium Brown, Mount Etna, White Resin, Evergreen Fog, Hamburg Gray, and Silvermist.




The Lore palette is inspired by “the call to create that is woven into the fiber of our being, present in the very air we breathe, binding us together in a community of makers that spans centuries and crosses cultures.” These colors urge us to “reconnect with an intricate mix of ancient reds, powdery pastels, and bevy of bejeweled tones — and embrace the transformative power of passionate creativity.”


The Lore palette from Sherwin-Williams is inspired by the call to create that which is woven into the fiber of our being.


Lore’s colors are Wallflower, Studio Mauve, Carnelian, Toile Red, Serape, Dhurrie Beige, Pediment, Mineral Gray, Blue Peacock, and Nugget.




The theme of Nexus is “our communal well-being.” These colors from Sherwin-Williams can remind us of “a quiet place of healing, a realm where the energy we give is returned to us tenfold, where the warmth of loving kindness reminds us of what it feels like to come home.”


The theme of Sherwin-Williams Nexus color palette is our communal well-being.


The colors of Nexus “enkindle a sense of support and serenity with a potter’s palette of natural clays and sunbaked desert sands.” They are Lei Flower, Reddened Earth, Redend Point, Likeable Sand, Kestrel White, Foothills, Chatura Gray, Cool Beige, Malted Milk, and Emerging Taupe.



The Origin palette is about “mapping our inner world.” The Sherwin-Williams color team suggests that “to chart a path through the wild and wonderful landscape of our lives, we begin within. By layering our fondest memories and future hopes, we create vibrancy and joy in the present moment.”


The Origin palette from Sherwin-Williams is about mapping our inner world.


Recharge with Origin’s colors that keep making a comeback — free-spirited brights, magnetic deeps, and a whisper of restful neutrals such as Fabulous Grape, Peppery, Goldfish, Chartreuse, Kale Green, Pure White, Skyline Steel, Homestead Brown, Black Magic, and Indigo.




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