Building a New Home?

Building a new home can be both exciting and terrifying even if it’s not the first time! On the one hand, you’re moving into a space you can make your own. At the same time, you’re moving into a completely blank canvas.  Not knowing where to start when it comes to decorating can feel very overwhelming and the interior designers at SPRUCED are there to help.

SPRUCED is the top Decorating Den Interiors franchise in the United States and can help from the start by attending your selection appointments, setting the stage for future decoration. From settling on a design style that matches your personality to choosing wall color, drapery patterns, and upholstery textures, there are a lot of things to consider when it comes to your new home design.


We work with many Toll Brothers new homeowners to assist with basic selections and full decorating.
A luxury family home from Toll Brothers in Prosper, Texas.



SPRUCED is proud to offer interior design services for new homeowners. Working with SPRUCED you’ll save time and money when it comes to transforming your house into a home. We will help you recognize the many ways you can utilize a space, helping with space planning or coordinating wall colors with furnishings, light fixtures, and accessories.


We don't understand the many choices ahead of us when we build a new home until there are twenty faucets in front of us!


Even before you break ground, we can help you with the many choices you have to make including tile, cabinetry, paint, countertops and more. Once building has started and during construction, your interior designer works from the blueprints and if you are in a planned community they will probably be able to see a model too. We will then concentrate on your new home’s interior, working until each room is complete. Once the designs are complete, SPRUCED will order, ship and store the products that make up your design, ready for move-in day so you don’t waste a moment in your new home.


It is important to choose the basics such as cabinetry and counter top, faucets and lighting, so that you and your interior designer have the correct palette from which to start decoration.



Before you hire an interior designer, it’s helpful to:

  • Have an idea of the design style you like. This will give your designer a better idea of the direction to take when it comes to choosing colors, patterns, and textures.
  • Gather inspiration from the internet and magazines. Interior designers can help you find exact matches to specific furnishings, light fixtures, or colors that you had in mind, and offer more customized options.
  • Be open-minded. Working with an interior designer could open your mind up to design possibilities you may have never considered.


When you work with SPRUCED to decorate your brand new home, you are involved in every step of the design process.


When you work with SPRUCED to decorate your brand new home, you are involved in every step of the design process. Your project will always be handled within your budget and your time parameters — dependent on suppliers. We handle all of the work, including installation, so you can focus on getting your new home finished.

If you’re building a new home, look no further than SPRUCED. We will help you create the home of your dreams, whether you’re looking to create a stunning entertainment space or treat yourself to a premier bedroom. Trust our experts to design your new home interior.

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